About us

Lettuce Meal Prep, LLC started laying it's foundation in summer 2015.  What sets us apart:

  • Customizable meals to cater to individual fitness goals
  • Fresh, wholesome, ingredients free of excessive sodium or preservatives
  • Most of our produce is certified organic
  • Cooking out of a commercial kitchen
  • Permitted by the Virginia Department of Health
  • Incorporated
  • Insured
  • Home delivery, not pickup locations

The same professionalism and attention to detail that was put into the setup of Lettuce Meal Prep, LLC will be put into the meals you enjoy.

From Owner, Trainer Sarah:

"With 17 years of personal training experience under my belt I can honestly say that the #1 hangup that keeps individuals from reaching his/her fitness goal(s) is consistency with healthy eating.  My clients know consistency is my favorite word. I am an advocate for meal planning to support such consistency, but the problem is very few of us have time for it.  In summer of 2015, I started pursuing opening a meal prep business to support this need.  After months of perfecting recipes, weeding through graphic artists for the best designs, hunting for the right kitchen, scheduling professional photos of the meals, and filling out stacks of papers to get incorporated, insured, and permitted the time for consistency is here.  I look forward to the better quality of life that these meals will deliver.

Those who know me well know I love giving. I am thrilled to say Lettuce Meal Prep, LLC is partnering with Hope House, a local homeless shelter.  For every 20 meals that are ordered, 2 will be given the the families staying in the Hope House to help support their health as they work towards independence."

Yours in Good Health,

Sarah Binette NASM-CPT, WLS

Owner/Personal Trainer

Imagine You Fit, LLC


email: info@lettucemealprep.com